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Techno Driver – Which lubricant should be used to protect motorbike?
Ngày đăng 17/04/2020, 14:03

Being a techno driver, caring for bike is very necessary.  Vehicles always need to be cared to avoid damaged. And one of the most important part in caring for bike is change oil. So the question is “Which brand of lubricant that techno driver should use for their bike?”
Within working continuously day by day, drivers always need to have a good bike. But all good bikes still can’t work perfectly and durable if they are not have a good caring. Therefore, it’s very important when choosing lubricant for motorbike. So which characteristic that we have to pay attention when choosing lubricant? First of all is “Total acid number”, this stat will cool down the engine when driving under high pressure. Secondly is “Flash Point”. Moreover is the oil quality, it must be produced by High Group oil, good additive products.
With these criteria, BCP SUPER 1 improved formula Lubricants is the most suitable one for techno drivers. With high flash point and high total acid number which will help vehicles work stability. BCP SUPER 1 improved formula is produced with GROUP II Oil and many additives products that will protect the engine from carbon dust.
This BCP lubricants is recommended use for 2000km, but with the techno drivers who always drive every day can consider to change from 1200-1500km.
Many drivers chose this lubricants for their vehicles. BCP now has cooperate with many partner and released many discount and promotions for techno drivers. Contact us for more information,.
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