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It's no coincidence that lubricant are divided into two types: Scooter Lubricant and Motorcycle (Manual transmission) Lubricant. Due to the differences in engine structure so people can split into 2 types of lubricants. So, what are the differences between Scooter Lubricant and Motorcycle Lubricant? Should we use them freely? Now, we will discuss about this question by our experiences.
First, we will find out the engine structure of manual transmission motorbike and the suitable lubricants for this type of vehicle. For this motorcycle, the gear box and the clutch set are composed together so the lubricant use for them must have the additive which help vehicles avoid the slip clutch problem. It is compulsory for lubricant used for Motorcycle include Synthetic Blend and Fully Synthetic. This kind of lubricant always have high viscosity to reduce the friction and reduce heat for the engine. The Motorcycle lubricant must guarantee to meet the JASO (Japanese Automobile Standards Organization) standard MA or MA2, this is the indicator for motorcycle lubricant.

 With Scooter, the gear box and the slip clutch are separated, due to it, Scooter Lubricant don’t need the Slip Clutch – Resistant additives. The Scooter Lubricant must be washy, low friction to reduce the engine abrasion, coolant, increase the acceleration. The Scooter Lubricant must meet the JASO standard MB.
 People usually depend on the JASO standard to classify the Scooter Lubricant and Motorcycle Lubricant. The Lubricants with JASO MA, MA1 and MA2 are used for Motorcycle and JASO MB are used for Scooter. Besides that, we can know which type of lubricant easily by the word “SCOOTER” show in products.
There are many consumers asked “Can we use Scooter Lubricant for manual motorcycle and vice versa?” According to the analysis above, we can understand that the Scooter Lubricant don’t have “slip clutch – resistant” additives so when we CAN NOT use it for Manual Motorcycles. But in another side, we can use the Manual Motorcycle Lubricant for Scooters, but it also bring some problems such as: overheat, the vehicle can’t work with 100% function because of the concentrated, the high friction of manual motorcycle lubricant. We should always remember to use the recommended lubricant for our vehicle so it can work smoothly and bring the most comfortable feeling for us.
There are the useful information we gave for you, we hope that it may help you to choose the most suitable lubricant for your vehicle.
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